Module Starter PackModule Starter Pack
  • Use your regular bow

    The MinumOS system is designed to be shot with your regular bow and arrows (see build guide for blunt tip instructions or field point setting).

  • Easy 4 point calibration

    Calibration takes less than a minute. Simply follow on screen instructions to touch four spots with your arrow.

  • Outdoor or indoor

    MinumOS does not require pitch black to work well. If shooting outdoors, all the cover you need is a popup tent with 3 walls.

  • Wireless control

    Wirelessly control MinumOS from the shooting line using our new MinumOS Remote app for android.

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See it in action

What about Simulator 1.0?

Minum Archery Operating System, or MinumOS, was originally designed to make it easy for you to build your own archery simulator in your backyard or basement shooting lane. All required hardware for our original design, Minum Simulator 1.0, is affordable and available off the shelf. While it does not provide as much polish or performance as Simulator 2.0, it is still a very workable entry-level system and can still be build using our original 1.0 DIY build guide.