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v2024.1.2 for Windows
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Be sure to read through our installation and setup instructions in the build guide.

Free Download

MinumOS can be downloaded and used completely free with the included modules.  This is so you can assess the software for your use and ensure compatibility with your computer before investing in your system.  As you then look to expand your system's capabilities, we offer many more modules you can purchase to add new photos, videos, games, and target rounds as desired.  


  • Up to 10 shooters during a round
  • Modules of videos, still photos, target faces, and interactive games
  • Create your own collections of your favorite photos and videos from other modules
  • Games & Targets reposition in between shots slightly to distribute screen wear
  • Quick and easy calibration - projector setup can be different every time
  • Configurable number of arrows per round
  • Configurable number of total arrows per session
  • Configurable maximum shooting time per round
  • Customize vital area visibility per shooter (show always, never, or on impact), great for training less experienced hunters!
  • Use with blunts and impact screen or field points and target wall
  • Wireless control from shooting line using MinumOS Remote app for android

Included Modules:

  • Target Practice (4 to choose from, all resizeable)
  • Tic Tac Toe (2 shooter)
  • North American Big Game Video (Demo of 5 Videos)
  • North American Big Game Photo (Demo of 5 Photos)

Release notes for v2024.1.2 (released 03/21/2024):

  • Fix tablet and computer sorting differently when modules have the same name

Release notes for v2024.1.1 (released 03/06/2024):

  • Bugfix for collections not saving in some cases.

Release notes for v2024.1 (released 03/03/2024):

  • New Collections feature - create your own combinations of photos and videos from various modules to shoot together
  • New filters by module type on the main menu
  • Standardized photo and video module sizes to 15 (If you want longer, you can now create a collection)
  • Various small UI improvements and bug fixes
  • More info on collections available in this blog post

Release notes for v2023.2 (released 04/01/2023):

  • On photo and video modules, when shooting a number of arrows less than the total number of scenes, randomize the same subset of scenes for every shooter (ensure every shooter shoots the same scenes, though still in a different order).
  • Resize and reposition text in main menu and get ready screen
  • Add quit button to pause popup and make quit button larger
  • Automatically de-register modules from MinumOS if modules have been deleted or moved on disk
  • Fix bug preventing modules from loading properly if module files are renamed
  • Fix bug preventing edit of a shooter's settings in setup screen without changing their name

Release notes for v2023.1 (released 01/27/2023):

  • Support for MinumOS Remote app for android (wireless control from shooting line)
  • All modules updated to support MinumOS Remote (requires re-downloading of all modules and logging in to MinumOS again)
  • Add pause button when using remote (previously only available by tapping space bar)
  • New "Arrow Type" parameter to support both blunts/impact screen and field points/target wall builds
  • Update storage directory for more consistency with remote (requires re-downloading of all modules and logging in to MinumOS again)
  • Add module version number to module thumbnails in main menu
  • Prevent occasional splash screen freeze when computer is on wifi with poor internet connection
  • Performance improvements to randomization functions and better random direction for moving targets in shoot off module
  • Fix bug in Tic Tac Toe module where editing a previously hit square shows a current hit
  • Removed lag when returning to main menu after completing a module
  • Fix bug causing email to still show on main menu after logging out and then skipping login
  • Improved module-specific variable handling to prevent future compatibility issues across versions
  • Don't allow duplicate names in shooter list
  • Increase response area of edit shot buttons to make it harder to tap under the edit shot button (and register shot in the very corner of the screen)
  • Fix issue allowing confirm popups from loading over top of each other on double tap
  • Confirm before continuing from shooter scores page to better handle accidental sensor reads during arrow retrieval
  • Settings now organized into categories to save space

Release notes for v2022.4 (released 07/31/2022):

  • Support for moving targets in target shoot off module.
  • Video module bugfix preventing scoring of vitals with no opportunity when another set of vitals has an opportunity.

Release notes for v2022.3 (released 05/14/2022):

  • Press spacebar to pause on get ready screen or anytime before the shot during the scene for photo and video modules.
  • Test calibration screen now available from settings menu.

Release notes for v2022.2 (released 02/27/2022):

  • New setting option for remembering calibration coordinates when closing and reopening MinumOS
  • Fix bug that triggered button presses behind settings window when open
  • Confirm with user before resetting settings to defaults to prevent accidental reset

Release notes for v2022.1 (released 01/18/2022):

  • Comprehensive rewrite of user interface button click handling to prevent buttons from becoming unresponsive when arrows were resting on top of the bottom bar of the sensor
  • New "Edit Shot" feature.  An edit button will pop up after each shot that will allow for clicking where an arrow hit in the rare event of a bad sensor read.
  • Number of shooters per module now visible from main menu
  • Improved module type icons
  • "Add Module" feature added to allow for adding modules separately without redownloading the entire software or modules you already own
  • Fix bug in Vegas Style module preventing moving on to score screen if two minute timer runs out in some cases
  • Fix bug in Archery Poker module registering future shots if clicking outside of the score screen border in between rounds
  • Updated underlying engine

Release notes for v2021.6 (released 07/20/2021):

  • New "touch and hold" calibration sequence for better calibration accuracy
  • Updated underlying engine
  • Minor bugfixes
  • New module available: Big Game Photos 2

Release notes for v2021.5 (released 06/25/2021):

  • New global settings menu
  • Global settings for wait time between shooters between turns
  • Global setting for sensor input sample time and outlier threshold
  • Rename Target Faces module to Target Practice
  • Add score for the round in addition to total score to list
  • Fix bug where 10th shooter was partially off screen in list
  • New target icon to differentiate target modules from other custom app modules
  • New modules available: Target Shoot Off & Vegas Style

Release notes for v2021.4 (released 06/04/2021):

  • Fixes bug where scene timeout would try to play multiple scenes at the same time and overload resources
  • Fixes bug where crosshairs would sometimes be visible in upper left corner before shot
  • Adjusts hit settings to better score lines
  • Adds rotation attribute to vitals area format added to photo modules (formerly vitals areas just varied scale and position)
  • Removes duplicate photo from big game photos module
  • Updates On Pause vital visibility to also show on impact when shot before video pause
  • Reduce wait time before photo scenes
  • Adjusts sensor settings to be more forgiving of arrows landing and resting on sensor
  • General performance improvements in video module
  • New module available: New Small Game Photos module

Release notes for v2021.3 (released 05/09/2021):

  • Improved arrow sensing for better accuracy and fewer no read shots
  • Edit hit marker for better visibility and contrast with backgrounds of similar colors
  • Confirm with user before logging out on logout button press

Release notes for v2021.2 (released 04/24/2021):

  • Added three new target faces to choose from for the target module
  • Can now specify max number of arrows per shooter for photo and video modules
  • Can now disable the maximum time setting in photo and video modules by selecting 0
  • Fix bug that made it difficult to launch calibration sequence from projector screen from photo or video module score page
  • Enter key now submits login form
  • Can now quit video or photo module before the end
  • Add confirm dialog when quitting software or module before the end
  • Add icon denoting module type to the main menu cards
  • New module available: Archery Poker