This guide is for the Minum Archery Simulator 1.0, our original DIY version. While it can still be built with parts sourced from numerous other vendors, we now offer our Minum Archery Simulator 2.0! It is a complete redesign for better performance, ease of use, and portability.

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Build Guide: Screen Repair

Appendix A: Repairing Holes in the Screen

It is inevitable that the screen will start to show wear over time.  The screen recommended in the bill of materials lasted me around an estimated 2000 shots before I started shooting through it regularly due to wear and tear.  However, earlier on in the screen's lifespan, the screen was shot with a field point by mistake instead of a blunt.  This of course passed right through the screen, opening up a tear. But with a few minutes and a patch kit, we were able to patch this hole right up.

The cement I used was HH 66 Vinyl Cement.  (The cement and patch material are available in a kit from Amazon).  Use is very straightforward as well, and can essentially be summarized as the following:

  1. Cut the patch to size
  2. Clean the patch and area around the hole in the screen
  3. Apply cement to both the patch and the area around the hole in the screen
  4. Let stand for 3-5 minutes
  5. Stick the patch on the screen and work out any wrinkles or air bubbles

This youtube video by Sailrite does an excellent job of walking through the process in more detail.

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