This guide is for the Minum Archery Simulator 1.0, our original DIY version. While it can still be built with parts sourced from numerous other vendors, we now offer our Minum Archery Simulator 2.0! It is a complete redesign for better performance, ease of use, and portability.

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Build Guide: Setting It Up At Your Range

Setting It Up, Bracing, and Staking It Down

After following all the previous instructions, it is now time to set up the rig in your shooting lane! To do this, you will use the remaining two full 10' lengths of conduit.  These will be used to brace the rig upright. To do this, simply use the conduit along with a T connector attached to the top bar of the backstop.  This connector should go between the edge of the backstop and the upright support for the touch frame.  Then, attach another T connector near the other end of the conduit and drive one of the J stakes into the ground, hooking right above that T connector to prevent it from sliding.

My first iteration I had these extending backward in order to counter the arrow impact like this:

Rig braced from the back
However, once I put up the popup tent, this meant that I needed a way to pass these supports through the backwall of the tent.  This made it so I could not attach the back wall all of the way and this let more light in than I would like.
The rid set up inside a popup tent with the supports extending back through the sidewall
In order to make it as dark within the tent as possible (and frankly, it's easier to set up), I now recommend setting it up so the braces point forward.  It is probably easiest to set up the popup tent first and then proceed to set up the rest of the rig inside of it.
Rig set up with braces angling forward
As a final step, simply use the J stakes to stake the rig to the ground along the bottom of the backstop.
Front view of completed rig staked down on the bottom

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