This guide is for the Minum Archery Simulator 1.0, our original DIY version. While it can still be built with parts sourced from numerous other vendors, we now offer our Minum Archery Simulator 2.0! It is a complete redesign for better performance, ease of use, and portability.

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Build Guide: Software Setup

Installing and Getting Started With MinumOS

 When you first download MinumOS and run the installer, you may get a prompt from Windows that looks like this:

Windows Smartscreen warning

This is called SmartScreen and is a feature that is designed to warn you when Microsoft doesn't recognize a piece of software.  While this sounds like a reasonable protection, unfortunately when working in the very niche space of archery simulators as a solo developer, it will take much longer for enough people to download and run this software for Microsoft to learn about it than larger companies with more generalized software.

Should you see this warning, you can easily bypass SmartScreen and run the installer by clicking the "More info" link near the top of the warning.  You will then see the following:

Smart Screen Run Anyway Button

Clicking "Run anyway" will then allow you to proceed with the installation.  Please be careful when bypassing this filter generally speaking though, I definitely wouldn't recommend bypassing as a standard practice for any download. If you are interested to read further about Smart screen, wikipedia has a great entry in the subject.

After installing and launching MinumOS for the first time, a login screen will show.  This login is used to tie any module purchases to your user once you load in new modules.  If you have not yet purchased any additional modules, you are fine to skip login for now.  Once you do create an account inside MinumOS, be sure to use the same email address as the email address you used to purchase the modules at in order for the licensing to link up properly.

You will need an active internet connection while creating an account or logging into MinumOS as well as when loading MInumOS for the first time after a new module purchase.  Aside from this (knowing that many people may not have wifi on their archery range) an internet connection is not necessary. The software will remember your settings and modules.

MinumOS Login Screen

The login for the MinumOS software is different than the login used at the website, so if this is the first time you have installed the software, you will likely need to use the "Create an account" option. 

MinumOS Create Account form

After creating a login, you will be sent an email to verify your email address and you will see the following image in the software.  Please click on the link in your email to verify your email address before proceeding in MinumOS.

MinumOS Verify Email Note

As of version 2023.1 of MinumOS, the software supports wireless app control using MinumOS Remote app for android.  In order for the software to communicate with the app over the local network, it may be necessary to "Allow Access" in Windows firewall settings.  To do this, check the applicable box in the popup to allow on the network and then click the "Allow Access" button. 
Allow app in windows firewall settings
Not allowing access will result in the main software not being able to communicate with the remote app, and so the remote app will not function properly.

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