Minum Archery Simulator 2.0 Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty:

Thank you for choosing Minum Archery! We are committed to providing you with high-quality products. To demonstrate our confidence in our craftsmanship and materials, we offer a 2-year limited warranty on our simulator. This warranty covers defects that are deemed beyond normal wear and tear. In the unlikely event of a defect occurring within this time frame, Minum Archery will repair or replace the defective components at no charge, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. Please note that replacements may be made with comparable and compatible substitutes as availability may change over time.

Examples of Covered Defects:

  • Premature screen wear due to a defect in fabric
  • Premature electronic components failure due to manufacturing defect
  • Structural failure of the metal frame from normal use


Normal wear and tear or damage resulting from accidental or intentional misuse, as well as damage occurring beyond the warranty period, may still be repairable or replaceable without requiring the replacement of the entire system. In such cases, Minum Archery reserves the right to charge reasonable rates for parts, labor, and shipping.

Examples of Normal Wear and Tear (Not Covered):

  • Reasonable screen wear, which varies based on bow speed, arrow weight, and shooting distance
  • Projector lamp dimming or burning out with normal use, as specified by the manufacturer

Examples of Damage from Accidental or Intentional Misuse (Not Covered):

  • Shooting of non-blunted tips through the screen
  • Damage caused by weather, moisture, excessive heat to electronic components
  • Introduction of malware to the computer or tablet due to use beyond what is recommended or outlined by Minum Archery, including failure to keep up with operating system updates/security patches
  • Damage to the sensor resulting from incorrect assembly, disassembly, storage, or transportation
  • Fall or drop damage to the tablet or other electronic components

Data Loss:

Minum Archery is not responsible for and does not reimburse or compensate for any data loss resulting from computer hardware failure where the data is unrelated to the use of MinumOS or the Minum Archery Simulator.


Minum Archery is not liable for any damages related to the unsafe use of the simulator. This includes, but is not limited to, shooting without a safety backstop/netting/open area behind the simulator, failure to practice safety standards in archery shooting procedures in general, or unrelated equipment failure of equipment, bows, and arrows purchased from other parties.


This warranty is valid from the date of original purchase and applies to the original purchaser of the Minum Archery product. To make a warranty claim, please contact our customer support team at support@minumarchery.com. We will be happy to assist you and ensure that your Minum Archery experience remains exceptional.

Note: This warranty is subject to applicable laws and regulations and may vary depending on the jurisdiction.